Neutrogena Case Study

45 Seconds of Video and Engagement Educating Consumers About a New Product


“Reach where others can’t.”

Neutrogena developed a new skincare product line making it easier to apply sunscreen spray by yourself.

They needed to introduce the product to consumers and educate them on how to use it before peak promotional periods. They also wanted to gain market insights into consumers’ attitudes and behaviors related to skin protection and sunscreen.

The challenge: How do you get enough time to properly educate consumers about a new product launch as well as learn about their thoughts on topics important to the product? All at scale?

The Solution

After conducting internal market research with their new sunscreen line, Neutrogena ran a branded experience on Dabbl that both educated consumers on the product and generated consumer insights on sunscreen attitudes and behaviors.

Additionally, Neutrogena participated in a brand study to measure brand awareness and ad recall effectiveness.

The Branded Experience

7 Engagements per Experience
Engagement types: Video, Multiple Choice, This or That
Duration: 2 Weeks
Neutrogena brand experience mobile video


How effective was the campaign and did consumers have a great brand experience?

Brand Experience
100% Viewability & Completion
45 sec
Avg Time Spent
per Experience
Dabbl Avg 35 sec
4.4 of 5
Dabbl Avg 4.4
Product Brand Awareness
Exposed vs Unexposed
Mobile Ad Recall
Exposed vs Unexposed
Purchase Intent

Brand Study Results

Product Brand Awareness
Mobile Ad Recall


The brand experience educated consumers on how to use the new product and how often they should be using sunscreen. It also gave Neutrogena more insights into how consumers currently use sunscreen and what they think about protecting their skin from the sun.

Overall, Dabblrs who engaged with the campaign showed a high usage of sunscreen and extremely favorable response to the new product video leading to a high overall purchase intent of 82%.

  • 50% of consumers indicate they ‘ask a friend’ to apply sunscreen
  • 48% of consumers say they use sunscreen once & are done, followed by 42% stating they reapply every 2 hours

In regards to product education, consumers responded overwhelmingly positive to the product video with 98% of consumers indicating they liked the video. There could be opportunity to launch another experience with the same video followed by similar questions to see if consumers identify with a new way to apply this product.

Moving forward, Neutrogena is very interested in delivering more product messages that resonate with this audience, uncovering deeper consumer insights as well as continuing to measure product brand awareness and mobile ad recall effectiveness.