Got Milk? Retail Media Amplification for Summer Olympics

5:1 ROAS, deep engagement, in-store and online sales measurement from CitrusAd x Dabbl experience
Got milk? campaign with Dabbl + CitrusAd

The Challenge

The American Dairy Association of the North East (ADANE) wanted to expand awareness of milk’s benefits, gain shopper feedback and drive sales during the Olympics at a targeted retailer.

The Experience

got milk?'s CitrusAd + Dabbl campaign

CitrusAd x Dabbl

The got milk? team directed links from their CitrusAd retail media banner ads on ShopRite's website and app to a Dabbl experience that also lived on the retailer's properties.

Shoppers engaged with a got milk? 30 second “You’re Gonna Need Milk for That” video, branded interactive puzzle, trivia and consumer feedback survey questions. This Olympic-themed content was designed to demonstrate the link between nutrient-rich milk and athletic performance in a fun way.

The got milk? Dabbl experience

A Loyalty Card "Thank You"

As a "thank you" for their time and attention, shoppers also received a bit of extra cash added to their linked ShopRite Price Plus loyalty card.

Call To Action

Finally, the digital experience offered a call to action reminding shoppers that got milk? was an official Olympic sponsor and encouraged them to shop now for milk. Tapping this would take shoppers to a special, multi-brand category page on ShopRite's online store.

More Info
4 Activities per experience, including Video, Puzzle, Trivia, Multiple Choice activities.


75 sec
Avg Time Spent
per Experience
Dabbl Avg 42 sec
Activities Completed
Individual activities completed (watched video, completed trivia etc)
Click-thru rate to shop online
Return on ad spend from participants' in-store & online sales at targeted retailer

A More Complete Shopper Journey

The got milk? team was able to launch an easy-to-execute creative campaign using existing brand content. This gave them the ability to easily deliver a cohesive ShopRite shopper journey from awareness via CitrusAd banners to deep retail media engagement via the Dabbl experience and measure performance from both in-store and online purchases at ShopRite.

Deep Engagement

Shoppers spent a long 75 seconds engaging with the campaign, which filled 100% of their screens. This was complete, interactive engagement.

Driving Sales

And this deep engagement helped deliver results. During the key performance period of the activation, the team saw a 5:1 ROAS in-store and online sales from those shoppers who engaged with the Dabbl experience.

In-store Sales Measurement

And by amplifying their CitrusAd campaign with Dabbl, the team was also able to measure performance beyond online sales and get insights into in-store sales results as well.

"Dabbl was so easy to work with and since they allowed us to be very creative with our content, we decided to give it a chance. We were rewarded with a very successful campaign with one of our largest customers."

Chief Operating Officer, American Dairy Association North East

CitrusAd + Dabbl

CitrusAd x Dabbl = shopper reach, deep engagement, good will, sales growth and both in-store and online sales measurement.

got milk?'s CitrusAd + Dabbl campaign

A great combo. Kinda like milk and cookies. 😃

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