Drive sales by being helpful to shoppers in meaningful ways

Boost sales and get deeper sales insights among Amazon and other shoppers when your brand helps consumers earn gift cards. Goodbye ad fatigue. Hello quality time.

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How brands drive sales with Dabbl


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Consumers are becoming pros at ignoring marketing

But on Dabbl, your brand is worth choosing.

Don't interrupt me

The Old Way

Interrupt their content with ads and get 0.1% click through rates and grumbles.

The New Way

Give them value -- entertain, be helpful -- and they choose to be with you.


Reach the consumers you need to reach

Target shoppers of specific retailers like Amazon, Walmart, ShopRite and any other U.S. retailer. Gain more targeting precision, more simply.

Spend more time with consumers
Advertise to millennial women


More time to tell your story

Consumers come to Dabbl to interact with brands, giving them 42 seconds per brand on average - far greater than the 1, 2 or even 10 seconds of traditional digital ads.

Build relationships

Consumers appreciate brands that appreciate them

Consumers come to Dabbl in their downtime, looking to interact with brands that respect and value their time and opinions. On Dabbl, brands help consumers earn things they care about.

Dabbl rewarded experiences
Advertise to Amazon shoppers

Drive Sales

Drive sales at specific retailers

Dabbl gives you unique sales-boosting capabilities. Better relationships, cash back for purchases, help shoppers earn targeted retailer gift cards and distribution of your special offers.


Measure sales

Close the loop. Get uniquely deep insights into how your marketing drives purchases at your targeted retailers such as Amazon and others.

Advertise to millennial women

An avg 75 seconds with new brand drives 200% increase in Amazon sales

Dishfish experience on Dabbl resulted in a 200% boost to unit sales on Amazon
75 sec

Avg Time Spent

Beyond the 1, 2, 3 or 10 sec ad "views" elsewhere.


Avg Units Sold on Amazon Increase

Average units sold increase vs previous 5 months


Trailing Units Sales Increase

3 wks after campaign compared to pre-period

Your marketing creates thanks, not skips

Love this app! Super engaging and fun. Dabbl is the first app that I actually enjoy interacting with when it comes to advertising. Thank you for thinking of us Dabbl!

- Cyanna

Thank you for valuing my time!

- Dabblr

I pay attention to the brands more on Dabbl than YouTube because I'm choosing to interact with these brands. I always skip or ignore other ads because they are a nuisance.

- Dabblr

Thank you! Thank you for helping me save money and for valuing my opinions.

- Dabblr

Working on my 3rd (or 4th) 🤪 gift card now. Thanks Dabbl!

- Amy