Purchase consumer attention & data directly from consumers.

For marketers and researchers who know that the closer you get to consumers, the greater the results.

Earn consumer attention

Consumers own what marketers & researchers need. Go direct.

Skip traditional gatekeepers. Share your marketing & research budgets with the owners of the attention & data you value most: consumers.

Dabbl audience

Build qualified audiences: just ask

Goodbye surveillance, complexity and questionable data. Hello audiences based on consumers' answers to your questions.

Audience building with response targeting

Launch rich marketing & research
experiences in minutes

Ads that don’t interrupt. Ethically-sourced, zero-party data. Research that’s actually fun. Respecting consumers drives results.

Neutrogena case study brand and research experience
45 sec

Avg time spent

Beyond the 1, 2, 3 or 10 sec ad "views" elsewhere.


Experience completions

Your marketing & research is the star, not an interruption.


Mobile ad recall

Make an impact. Be memorable.

Engage consumers on their terms,
get better performance

In a world where consumers are pros at avoiding ads, how does Dabbl average an impressive 12% CTR? By engaging people on their terms.

Dabbl average 12% CTR
Marketing and advertising

For Marketers

Earn greater attention & data when you share budgets with consumers.

Get Customers
Consumer research

For Researchers

Uncover answers with research that’s actually fun for consumers.

Uncover Answers
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