Drive sales by being helpful to shoppers in meaningful ways

Boost sales and get SKU-level sales measurement when your brand helps consumers earn. Goodbye ad fatigue. Hello quality time.

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How brands drive sales with Dabbl's value exchange advertising and Dabbl-powered, partner retail media


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Consumers are becoming pros at ignoring marketing

But on Dabbl, your brand is worth choosing.

Don't interrupt me

The Old Way

Interrupt their content with ads and get 0.1% click through rates and grumbles.

The New Way

Give them value -- be helpful, entertain -- and they choose to be with you.


Reach the consumers you need to reach

Target shoppers of specific retailers like Amazon, Walmart, ShopRite and any other U.S. retailer. Reach shoppers via the Dabbl app and Dabbl-powered, partner retail media.

Spend more time with consumers
Advertise to millennial women


More time to tell your story

Consumers come to Dabbl to interact with brands, giving them 42 seconds per brand on average - far greater than the 1, 2 or even 10 seconds of traditional digital ads. Brand-safe. 100% viewability.

Build relationships

Consumers appreciate brands that appreciate them

Consumers come to Dabbl in their downtime, looking to interact with brands that respect and value their time and opinions. On Dabbl, brands help consumers earn things they care about. Dabbl's opt-in, value exchange advertising benefits all parties.

Dabbl rewarded experiences
Advertise to Amazon shoppers

Drive Sales

Drive sales at specific retailers

Dabbl gives you unique sales-boosting capabilities. Better relationships, cash back for purchases, help shoppers earn targeted retailer gift cards and distribution of your special offers.


Close the loop with in-store and online SKU sales data

Get uniquely deep insights into how your marketing drives purchases at any of your targeted retailers such as Amazon, Walmart and others. Discover consumer preferences and brand impact as well.

Advertise to millennial women

Promoted product line moves from 37% of sales to 87% of sales at targeted stores

Eight O'Clock Coffee experience on Dabbl resulted in a 4:1 return on ad spend
10% CTR

Click-Thru Rate

Link to add coupon to loyalty card

4:1 ROAS

Return on Ad Spend

All brand sales during the holidays


Increase in Contribution to Sales

Promoted products contributed 87% of sales vs 37% from previous period programming

Our promotion with Dabbl was so easy to activate, helping us to extend our brand campaign with an immersive shopper experience for a key retail partner.

Amanda Baiada, Director of Integrated Marketing, Bumble Bee Foods