Earn Higher Quality Consumer Engagement and Trust

Dabbl offers marketers and researchers greater engagement with female consumers. Spend the time with consumers to have effective brand impact and gain consumer research insights.

Dabbl video and consumer insight engagement experience

High Quality Time with Consumers
for Marketing & Research

Quickly launch consumer experiences that can include a variety of activities: video, multiple choice, trivia, this or that, puzzle, and calls to action that link out to your digital properties. Pay only for experiences your audience completes.

Dabbl feed
The feed
Dabbl experience conclusion
Dabbl experience This or that activity
This or that
Dabbl experience trivia activity
Dabbl experience mobile video activity
Mobile video
Dabbl experience call to action activity
Call to action
Dabbl audience

An Audience of Mostly Millennial Women that Want to Hear From Your Brand

Goodbye low response rates. Earn consumers' greater attention and trust. How? Redirect the part of your ad budget that is normally wasted on fraud and other ad waste in traditional ads. Share it with your future customers instead. Your shared ad budget helps them with gift cards for fun activies they value higher than sponsoring yet more media.

Yeah, There's an Audience Segment For That. Just Ask.

Target by state and designated market area… as well as anything you care to ask. Literaly. Build audiences based on previous responses. Easily create segments extremely specific to your market, brand or product. Just ask.

Nurture relationships with a series of experiences
Customer insights

Live Performance & Consumer Insights Reporting

The self-serve Experience Manager gives you a live view into your campaigns. View live results from consumer responses. See the performance of experiences live in your dashboard. Use 3rd party verification from Google Campaign Manager, aka DoubleClick DCM and DoubleVerify.

Build Experiences Quickly

Use the self-serve Experience Manager to quickly create, preview and launch your marketing and research experiences. Quickly build experiences by combinig various activities like video, multiple choice and other options. See results moments after launching.

The Dabbl Experience Manager

“Dabbl is quirky and doesn’t feel like an intrusion. More like a friend sharing something cool with you.” - Dabbl user