When was the last time someone thanked you for the ads you ran?

Earns thanks, not skips. We asked Dabblrs what they wanted to say to brands that reach them on Dabbl. Here’s what they’re saying…

Why it Works
Dabbl audience

Thank you! Thank you for helping me save money and for valuing my opinions.

I pay attention much more to Dabbl than ads that I skip!

I actually pay attention when I use Dabbl, but not that much when I see ads on YouTube where all I want to know is when can I click the ad and get back to my show.

Thank you!!

Thank you for making my purchases possible, and I enjoy the ads and learning about new products.

Thanks for the gift cards, but also good job creating much more interesting advertisements.

Thanks a lot for investing in me.

Thank you!! Please keep using Dabbl instead of annoying ads on places I don't want them.

Thank you! I love that I found new products to try and got a gift card out of it too!

Ad's on social media and YouTube are aggravating. I don't want them interrupting what I am doing. Whereas with Dabbl, I'm going there specifically to see ads. I am way more likely to pay attention to the ad on Dabbl than anywhere else.

This is awesome and helps me make better educated purchases.

Thank you!

It is more personal because it is directed to just me. Also I pay attention to the brands more on Dabbl than YouTube because I'm choosing to interact with these brands. I always skip or ignore other ads because they are a nuisance.

Thank you so much.

It's a good way to make pocket change. It's something I can do while I am waiting on my Uber.

It’s a nice feeling that a few dollars are saved for me from my time being used.

I enjoy seeing the products on Dabbl.

Thank you! Just a few minutes or less every day helped me save just a little, but it was worth it!

Thank you!

Thank you very very much.

Thank you! Smart way to spend your advertising dollars that customers actually enjoy.

Thank you for choosing a new way to interact with consumers.

I want to offer my sincere thanks and appreciation for allowing me to earn gift cards for receiving information about great brands!!!

Thank you for giving consumers such a unique and enjoyable way to learn about your products and allowing them to give feedback on those products. Being able to interact with companies through their own advertising is really great.

I look for the brands in stores after viewing them on Dabble. It is a great way to discover new products.

The interactive ad experience is more engaging and makes me think about the products and pay attention to the ad. On other platforms, I just ignore or scroll past and skip the ads!


Thank you for helping me make extra money to give my roommates a fun time before and on her wedding day.

I would like to thank you for making my meal choices more interesting especially Dole pineapple and the avocados. I have used two of their ideas and enjoy their products.


Thank you for advertising in a way that lets your audience interact and get something out of it. This is a much better experience and will more positively affect my purchasing decisions.

Thank you for valuing my time.

Thank you very much.

I enjoy learning about new products and enjoy being compensated for my time.

Ads are usually intrusive. I tend to ignore them or skip them all together. On Dabbl, I am more willing to research the product shown and will often look into the product after seeing it on Dabbl.

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