Dabbl Verified Purchases

Drive & Measure SKU-level Sales at Any U.S. Retailer

Tie marketing activity to in-store and online SKU-level sales data. Made possible by Dabbl retailer and consumer partnerships.

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Drive sales at specific retailers with Dabbl Verified Purchases

Consumers As Partners, Not Targets

New opportunities are made possible in this post-cookie world when consumers are respected as partners, not treated like targets.

Retailer Partnerships

Benefit from Dabbl's partnerships with retailers and loyalty programs

First-party Data

Respecting consumers makes zero-party & first-party data possible in a post-cookie world

Receipt Scans

Give shoppers incentives to verify purchase of your promoted SKUs

Technology Partners

When consumers are treated like partners, new opt-in measurement tools become possible

Reach Your Audience

Reach Shoppers of US Retailers

Choose the in-store or online retailers where you want to drive sales. Choose the brands or specific SKUs you want to boost.

Reach shoppers of specific retailers with Dabbl

Drive Sales

Boost Product Sales at Chosen Retailers

Shoppers get cash back when they verify purchases via receipt validation. Combine with engagements via Dabbl Experiences to drive greater performance.

Reach retail shopper audiences


Combine with Dabbl Brand Experiences

Combine Verified Purchases with Dabbl Brand Experiences to spend quality time with consumers and measure sales performance.

Dabbl experience mobile video activity
Mobile video
Dabbl experience conclusion
Dabbl experience puzzle activity
Dabbl experience trivia activity
Dabbl experience call to action activity
Call to action
You earned a Walmart gift card
Gift card


Measure SKU-level Sales

Close the loop on your marketing. See how your Dabbl marketing affects sales of your products at your targeted retailers.

Measure sku-level sales at targeted retailers

Eight O’ Clock Coffee Drives Sales on the Dabbl Platform

Promoted Product Line Moves From 37% of Sales to 87% of Sales at Targeted Stores

Eight O'Clock Coffee experience on Dabbl resulted in a 4:1 return on ad spend
10% CTR

Click-Thru Rate

Link to add coupon to loyalty card

4:1 ROAS

Return on Ad Spend

All brand sales during the holidays


Increase in Contribution to Sales

Promoted products contributed 87% of sales vs 37% from previous period programming