Be Helpful.
Earn Customers.

Cut through the marketing clutter by helping consumers earn, learn and be heard.

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Earn consumer attention
Help consumers earn

Help consumers earn.

Share your marketing dollars with prospects. It's their attention and data after all.

Help consumers learn.

Offer helpful tips, how-to's & advice via trivia and videos. Be a trusted source.

Help consumers learn
Help consumers save.

Help consumers save.

Who doesn't love a great deal? Publish your offers, coupons and discounts.

Help consumers have fun.

Publish fun trivia and entertaining videos. Help people enjoy their spare downtime moments.

Help prospects have fun.
Dabbl audience

Help consumers have an impact. And personalize their experiences.

Help them help you. Gather the opinions & preferences that improve your brand and allow for more personalized experiences.

Consumers use Dabbl when they
want to spend time with helpful brands.

Combine different activities -- mobile video, consumer insights, trivia -- to create fun, active brand experiences. Easy to launch. Pay only for experiences your audience completes. Play video:

35 sec

Avg Time Spent
Per Brand Experience

Well beyond the 1, 2, 3 or 10 sec "views" elsewhere


Viewability, Completion
& Brand Safety

Pay only for completed brand experiences


Avg Click
Through Rate

Beyond the 1% or 2% CTR considered "good" elsewhere

Your marketing creates thanks, not skips

Love this app! Super engaging and fun. Dabbl is the first app that I actually enjoy interacting with when it comes to advertising. Thank you for thinking of us Dabbl!

- Cyanna

Thank you for valuing my time!

- Dabblr

I pay attention to the brands more on Dabbl than YouTube because I'm choosing to interact with these brands. I always skip or ignore other ads because they are a nuisance.

- Dabblr

Thank you! Thank you for helping me save money and for valuing my opinions.

- Dabblr

Working on my 3rd (or 4th) 🤪 gift card now. Thanks Dabbl!

- Amy

Launch helpful experiences in minutes

Quickly launch experiences that help prospects earn, learn & have fun.

Neutrogena case study brand and research experience
45 sec

Avg time spent

Beyond the 1, 2, 3 or 10 sec ad "views" elsewhere.


Experience completions

Your marketing & research is the star, not an interruption.


Mobile ad recall

Make an impact. Be memorable.

Build audience segments: just ask

Goodbye surveillance, complexity and questionable data. Hello relevance based on consumers' answers to your questions.

Audience building with response targeting

Engage consumers on their terms,
get better performance

In a world where consumers are pros at avoiding all kinds of marketing (and where a 2% click through rate can be considered "great"), how does Dabbl average an impressive 12% CTR? By engaging people on their terms.

Dabbl average 12% CTR

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