Engage with modern consumers via modern marketing.

Reach consumers who believe doing things with family and friends is most important. Your brand helps them do just that.

Dabbl audience

The Basics



Relationship Status

Child Status

Household Size


Mobile OS

Ad Blocker Usage*

* Reach unreachables on Dabbl. Reach both ad blocker users and non-ad blocker users on Dabbl.

“Dabbl is quirky and doesn’t feel like an intrusion, more like a friend sharing something cool with you.”
- Dabbl user

On Marketing

93% of Dabblrs appreciate brands on Dabbl that help them

How I Feel About Brands I See in Marketing

  • I appreciate them 😀
  • Meh, whatever 😒
  • I'm annoyed by them 😠

How Relevant Are Most Products I See In…

  • Very relevant
  • Somewhat relevant
  • Not at all relevant

I Like Products More After Seeing Them In…

  • Often
  • Sometimes
  • Rarely

Being helpful is the new marketing. 93% appreciate the brands that help them on Dabbl. 87% appreciate brands that offer how to’s, tips and other helpful content marketing. About 50% are indifferent or annoyed by brands in ads that interrupt their TV & social media.

Respectful relationships deliver better performance. 38% of users say they often (versus sometimes (52%) or rarely (10%)) come away from Dabbl product experiences liking the product more versus 25% who say the same thing about online ads. They also find those product experiences to be very relevant (42% on Dabbl vs 18% in online ads).

“I like that Dabbl lets you directly interact with brands. It feels like a game.”
- Dabbl user

On Enjoying Life

97% want more fun experiences rather than a lot of material possessions.

What I Enjoy Most

  • Brands on Dabbl help people do this
  • And this
  • And this
  • But not this

Why I Take Vacations

Dining Out

Brands on Dabbl help the parts of people's lives they care about most. Brands' budgets are shared directly with Dabblrs who earn toward going to movies with friends & family, shopping and more.

“Dabbl is more about learning about products vs just watching videos. I learn more from Dabbl.”
- Dabbl user

On Buying

3 in 4 are frequently willing to pay more for brands they trust

I'm Willing to Pay More for a Brand I Trust

Most Important to Me When Making a Purchase

I Give Product Advice & Recommendations

Brands that build trust earn their spot on people's initial consideration sets, giving them outsized advantages during the buying process -- and the advocacy process.

Source: Dabbl. Surveys of Dabbl consumers, sample sizes ranging from 1,117 to 6,690 plus internal user data. Q1 & Q2 2018.