Drive Sales at Retailers by Helping Shoppers Earn Retailer Gift Cards

Engage and educate consumers. Boost purchases at target retailers via retailer rewards.

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Marketing for Walmart shoppers

Drive Sales While Helping Shoppers

Guaranteed Sales for Your Target Retailer

Guaranteed Sales for Your Target Retailer

Your investment helps your audience shop at target retailer

Opportunity to Connect Investment to In-store Sales

Opportunity to Connect Investment to In-store Sales

Gift card ids may be used with your retailer data for attribution

Brand impact on Dabbl

Be Top of Mind
And More Favored

Brands have averaged +106% ad recall and +22% favorability

Reach Shoppers at One of Over 400 Merchants

Create relationships with shoppers of your target retailer, restaurant or digital service. Your brand helps consumers earn merchant gift cards.

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Reach Walmart, Target, Amazon, Bed, Bath & Beyond and other retail shoppers

Brand Experiences That Drive Consumers to Stores

Use mobile video, consumer insights, trivia and value towards gift cards to create engaging experiences that drive consumers to online and in-store purchases. Pay only for completed experiences.

Dabbl experience conclusion
Dabbl experience This or that activity
This or that
Dabbl experience trivia activity
Dabbl experience mobile video activity
Mobile video
Dabbl experience call to action activity
Call to action
You earned a Walmart gift card
Gift card

Consumers are Becoming Pros at Ignoring Marketing

Don't interrupt me

The Old Way

Interrupt their content with ads and get 0.1% click through rates and grumbles.

The New Way

Give them value -- entertain, be helpful -- and they choose to be with you.

Consumers Appreciate Brands That Appreciate Them

Consumers come to Dabbl in their downtime, looking to interact with brands that respect and value their time and opinions.

Dabbl rewarded experiences
Spend more time with consumers

Target? Don't Stalk. Ask.

Old, and soon to be extinct with browsers' removal of 3rd-party cookies: track her around the web with the weak promise of "relevant ads." New: ask her what she cares about.

An Avg 75 Seconds with New Brand Drives 200% Increase in Amazon Sales

Dishfish experience on Dabbl resulted in a 200% boost to unit sales on Amazon
75 sec

Avg Time Spent

Beyond the 1, 2, 3 or 10 sec ad "views" elsewhere.


Avg Units Sold on Amazon Increase

Average units sold increase vs previous 5 months


Trailing Units Sales Increase

3 wks after campaign compared to pre-period

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"Dabbl gives us a forum to share educational messaging with our consumers in a fun and engaging way."

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