Drive Sales at Retailers by Helping Shoppers Earn Retailer Gift Cards

Marketers, spend quality time with shoppers. Boost sales at chosen retailers. See sales data.

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Drive sales among Walmart shoppers

Drive Sales While Helping Shoppers


Drive Sales

Drive Sales at Specific Retailers

Help shoppers shop at Walmart, ShopRite and your other target retailers. Your marketing dollars help shoppers add money to Walmart gift cards, ShopRite loyalty cards and other partner cards. Give shoppers additional incentives to purchase your promoted SKUs via purchase verfication.

Reach shoppers of specific retailers with Dabbl

Spend Quality Time

Spend quality time engaging & educating shoppers of your target retailers.

Gift Cards Help 'Em Shop

Get them into the physical or online store with the gift card your brand helped them earn.

Verified Purchases

Give shoppers additional incentives to purchase your promoted SKUs.

Distribute Your Coupon

Your digital coupons reach targeted shoppers, incl. 1-click-add-to-loyalty-card.


Time to Tell Your Story

With rich, full-screen engagements, your marketing is interactive, fun and rewarding. Consumers come to Dabbl when they are ready to engage with brands like yours. Instead of skips, get gratitude when your marketing doesn't interrupt. Launch brand experiences easily by piecing together quick-to-launch activities:

Dabbl experience mobile video activity
Mobile video
Dabbl experience conclusion
Dabbl experience puzzle activity
Dabbl experience trivia activity
Dabbl experience call to action activity
Call to action
You earned a Walmart gift card
Gift card


Reach The Shoppers You Need to Reach

Reach a mostly millennial female audience of shoppers. In addition to traditional geo & demographics, you can also:

Target by Retailer Channel

Reach Walmart, ShopRite and other retailer shoppers by helping shoppers earn gift cards.

Just Ask the Consumer

Data privacy matters. No need to stalk people around the web to learn what they like. Just ask.

Reach retail shopper audiences


Measure Engagement and Sales

With Dabbl's partnerships with select retailers, receipt scans, and built-in survey capabilities, get the engagement and aggregate purchase data you need to measure performance.

Measure engagement and sales

SKU Purchase Data

Uncover how your Dabbl marketing affects sales of your promoted SKUs

Engagement Data

See engagements like time spent, completions, click thru rates & more

Survey Data

Discover consumer product preferences and other opinions

Brand Studies

See how your marketing affects how shoppers favor your brand


5:1 ROAS For Promoted Products At Targeted Retailer

Nivea experience on Dabbl

Ad Recall

Exposed vs non-exposed

5:1 ROAS

Promoted Product Return on Ad Spend

For promoted products at targeted retailer

15:1 ROAS

Brand Return on Ad Spend

For brand at targeted retailer

"Dabbl gives us a forum to share educational messaging with our consumers in a fun and engaging way."