Kashi GO® Case Study

51 seconds educating shoppers about a product creates a 23.9% CTR to an offer as well as sales
Kashi GO brand experience on Dabbl

The Challenge

Kashi GO® needed to grow the awareness of it’s Kashi GO® protein bars at targeted grocery stores. They also wanted to drive sales and get consumer feedback on the product line.

The Experience

Kashi Go brand experience on Dabbl

Unlike traditional ads that interrupt people's media, consumers choose to spend time with brands on Dabbl. This results in a different kind of experience.

Kashi GO® created a brand experience with six activities including a video, trivia, this or that and multiple choice which all focused on educating shoppers at specific grocery stores on the product line.

The video highlighted the product and its 12 grams of protein. The trivia educated consumers on the types of protein the bars contained.

The This or Thats and multiple choice activities solicited consumer preference for snacking habits and product preference.

Finally, call to action variations offered consumers either a digital coupon to save on the purchase of Kashi GO® protein bars or a request to explore the full variety of protein bars.

More Info
5 Activities per experience, including Video, Trivia, This or That, Multiple Choice activities.


Brand Experience
100% Viewability & Completion
Fullscreen Engagements
51 sec
Avg Time Spent
per Experience
Dabbl Avg 42 sec
Click-Thru Rate for Coupon
Click to Download Coupon
Ad Recall
Exposed vs Non-exposed
Brand Favorability
Exposed vs Non-exposed
Ad Recall
Brand Favorability
Exposed to Dabbl experience

Shoppers at Kashi GO®'s target grocery stores spent 51 seconds on average viewing the product video and engaging in the activities. 100% of those who started the experience, completed the multi-step, full-screen experience.

Many shoppers also remembered the experience two weeks after engaging with it. A brand study revealed a +151% ad recall for those exposed to the experience versus those who were not exposed. The Kashi GO® brand also saw a 12% favorability lift as well.

These shoppers at targeted grocery stores not only learned about the products, they purchased them as well. Kashi GO® was able to view non-PII, aggregate purchase data at the targeted stores at the SKU level for those who participated in the brand experience.

Kashi GO® also received consumer feedback on snacking habits and product preferences.

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