Hatfield Quality Meats Case Study

An average 60 seconds of engagement drives 90% purchase intent during important holiday period
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The Challenge

Since 1895, Hatfield Quality Meats has served the communities around the mid-Atlantic with quality, delicious pork. With the holidays approaching, the team at Hatfield wanted to build awareness of their ham selections and inspire consumers’ festive meal planning.

As a secondary objective, the brand wanted to better understand what means the most to consumers when it comes to purchasing ham.

The Experience

Hatfield Dabbl experience

Hatfield Quality Meats asked consumers a variety of questions from what they look for when choosing a ham to what festive time of year they’d likely purchase for entertaining.

After asking what consumers typically do with leftover ham, the brand offered an engaging :27 second, "how-to make" video of a delicious Hatfield Ham, Brie & Apple Grilled Cheese. The video creatively showcased product versatility outside of holiday entertaining.

More Info
6 Activities per experience, including Multiple Choice, Video and Call to Action activities.
Duration: 12 Days


Brand Experience
100% Viewability & Completion
60 sec
Avg Time Spent
per Experience
Dabbl Avg 42 sec
4.56 of 5
Dabbl Avg 4.4
Purchase Intent
Said they'd serve Hatfield ham at next gathering
Ad Recall
Exposed vs Non-exposed
Brand Favorability
Exposed vs Non-exposed
Ad Recall
Brand Favorability
Exposed to Dabbl experience

90% of consumers said they would serve Hatfield ham at their next gathering, while 21% of these respondents said they are interested in learning more about Hatfield hams, which provides opportunity for a secondary, targeted campaign.

The majority of consumers (69%) believe ‘flavor’ is the most important product attribute when choosing quality ham.

Easter is the most popular time of year for consumers to enjoy ham (50%), followed by Thanksgiving (22%).

More than half of consumers (55%) prefer to make a sandwich with leftover ham, which directly correlates with the positive video response of 96% of consumers liking the idea of a Ham, Brie & Apple Grilled Cheese.

At the completion, the Hatfield ham experience was positively received and drove traffic to their product page, where consumers could explore all ham products available. The experience also opened up the opportunity for the Hatfield brand to follow-up with target consumers interested in learning more about their brand/products.

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