FlexBrew® Coffee Makers by Hamilton Beach Case Study

Consumers Spent Avg 59 Seconds Helping Drive 78% Purchase Intent for Coffee Maker Brand
Hamilton Beach experience on Dabbl

The Challenge

Hamilton Beach is one of the country’s leading distributors of small kitchen appliances, selling over 34 million appliances every year.

During the holiday season, Hamilton Beach needed to educate consumers and drive interest for their at-home coffee brewer brand FlexBrew® Coffee Makers. The FlexBrew® offers coffee lovers the choice of enjoying coffee via individual K-Cup® pods as well as ground coffee.

They needed shoppers’ attention and time to introduce this flexible product. Additionally, they needed to gain market learnings to better understand purchase drivers.

The Experience

Hamilton Beach experience on Dabbl

Hamilton Beach created a Dabbl experience that included 6 different activities for users. This included a fun, branded video that highlighted the flexibility of the FlexBrew® Coffee Maker. "This or That" photo activities asked consumers whether they preferred single serve coffee pods or ground coffee. (The FlexBrew® allows for both.)

Users also gave their thoughts on which feature they liked best via a Multiple Choice activity. Finally, Hamilton Beach learned of consumers' purchase intent with another Multiple Choice activity and a final Call to Action activity that offered an exclusive promotion.

More Info
6 Activities per experience, including Video, This or That, Multiple Choice, Call to Action activities.
Duration: 3 Days


Brand Experience
100% Viewability & Completion
59 sec
Avg Time Spent
per Experience
Dabbl Avg 35 sec
4.45 of 5
Dabbl Avg 4.4
Purchase Intent
Consumers Completing the Experience Expressing Intent to Purchase
Product Brand Awareness
Exposed vs Non-exposed
Ad Recall
Exposed vs Non-exposed
Product Brand Awareness
Ad Recall
Exposed to Dabbl experience

In regards to product education, consumers responded positively to the product video with 96% of consumers indicating they liked the video.

Overall, Dabblrs who engaged with the campaign showed a high recognition of the key features of the at-home coffee brewer as well as a high favorability of the brand. With a high overall purchase intent of 78%, consumers who engaged also show an increased likeliness to recommend the product to others.

  • 78% of consumers said they would be very or somewhat likely to try the coffee brewer
  • 42% of consumers said they like the flexibility of the brewer, being most excited that it brews K-cups and grounds as well as single or full 12-cup pot
The survey generated a 84% lift in product brand awareness as well as a 106% lift in mobile ad recall for those exposed to the experience vs those not exposed.

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