CBDistillery™ Case Study

Targeted campaign boosts brand awareness +41% and drives digital sampling
The CBDistillery experience on Dabbl

The Challenge

CBDistillery™ is on a mission to lead the #CBDMOVEMENT™ by providing consumers easy access to hemp-derived CBD products, widespread education to achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle. CBDistillery™ needed to drive awareness, educate consumers about their products and drive engagement to their digital sampling giveaway.

The Experience

The CBDistillery Dabbl experience

By introducing the brand through Dabbl's premium experiences, CBDistillery™ utilized a series of activities like Trivia, Click to play video and to engage & educate Dabblrs about their products. And by simply asking if Dabblrs would try CBD, the brand was able to engage further with a targeted, interested audience for a secondary experience.

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Brand Awareness Lift
Exposed vs Non-exposed
Brand Favorability Lift
Exposed vs Non-exposed
Purchase Intent Lift
Exposed vs Non-exposed

Working with Dabbl helped us expand the scope and redemption of one of the largest trial initiatives to ever happen in our industry. Our redemption rates skyrocketed shortly after we went live!

Tony Schwartz, Director of Strategic Partnerships at CBDistillery

As this valuable audience rated various CBDistillery™ products like tinctures, soft gels, gummies & topicals, the experience drove awareness, engagement and a positive outcome to their CBDistillery™ digital sampling giveaway.

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