Eight O’Clock Coffee Case Study

Promoted product line moves from 37% of sales to 87% of sales at targeted stores
8 O'Clock brand experience on Dabbl

The Challenge

Eight O’Clock Coffee, a coffee company started in 1859, needed to increase brand awareness for its Eight O’Clock Coffee Barista Blends product line and drive sales during the holidays. It needed to do this among specific, target grocery stores during the noisy marketing holiday season.

The Experience

8 O'Clock brand experience on Dabbl

Eight O' Clock Coffee launched a brand experience that would solely reach loyal shoppers of its target grocery stores.

The brand experience would use 100% of the shoppers' screen.

The first of 4 screens was a short video shoppers must view before continuing through the experience. The video introduced the Barista Blend product line.

The brand then presented two flavors within the product line, one at a time, and solicited shoppers' preferences for the blends.

Finally, shoppers were presented with a call to action to receive a coupon for the new product. This linked to the grocery chain's digital coupon center which loads the coupon directly to shoppers' loyalty cards.

The start of the experience to the call to action screen would be considered one experience. Eight O' Clock would be charged only for shoppers who completed this experience.

More Info
3 Activities per experience, including Video, This or Thats activities.


31 sec
Avg Time Spent
per Experience
Dabbl Avg 35 sec
Click-Thru Rate
Link to add coupon to loyalty card
Return on Ad Spend
All brand sales during the holidays
Promoted Products Contributed to Sales
vs 37% from previous period programming

Fully Engaged Target Audience

The average times spent was 31 seconds, equivalent to a standard television ad.

10.7% of these shoppers clicked to visit the grocers' site to add a digital coupon to their loyalty shopper card.

4:1 ROAS

Eight O' Clock Coffee saw a 4:1 return on ad spend for all of its Eight O' Clock Coffee products at the targeted grocery stores.

Further, the new Barista Blends products contributed 87% of those sales. In comparison, the product line contributed 37% of Eight O' Clock Coffee sales the previous quarter using alternative programming.

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