DishFish Case Study

Consumers Spent Avg 75 Seconds with New Brand Driving 200% Increase in Amazon Sales
DishFish experience

The Challenge

Foamtec International has been the industry leader in technical foam since 1997. With the recent launch of their DishFish® brand, they began offering the market powerful, non-scratch scrubbing and “single-swipe” cleaning products.

Great for in and out of the kitchen, the DishFish® Scrubber and DishFish Dual resist bacteria odors naturally and are designed to release water, food and particles quickly.

But many consumers were not familiar with the brand or its products.

The DishFish® team needed to cut through all the media and ad clutter out there to introduce their new brand to consumers, make it relatable, educate and illustrate benefits, increase consideration and increase sales. This can take time.

The Experience

Increase Amazon sales on Dabbl

The Dabbl brand experience opened by asking consumers to identify the familiar problems of traditional cleaning sponges. Consumers were asked which pain points -- such as the smell, the bacteria, the greasy food particles -- they disliked most.

The brand experience proceeded to educate consumers in a fun, engaging way with video, trivia and multiple choice.

In the :38 second video, consumers learn that the products recently garnered the Good Housekeeping Tried + Tested Designation after extensive testing by their independent research team.

To follow up, consumers were quizzed on their knowledge of how DishFish is able to resistant bacteria, odors and mildew.

Upon completion of the experience, Dabblrs were offered a discount promo code and a direct link to the DishFish product page on Amazon to drive product purchases.

More Info
6 Activities per experience, including Video, Trivia, Multiple Choice, This or That activities.
Duration: 2 weeks


75 sec
Avg Time Spent
per Experience
Dabbl Avg 42 sec
Purchase Intent
Consumers Completing the Experience Expressing Intent to Purchase
Increase in Avg Units Sold on Amazon
Compared to Previous 5 Months Activity
Trailing Units Sales Increase
3 Wks After Campaign Compared to Pre-period

Dabblrs spent, on average, 75 seconds with the DishFish® experience where they not only learned more about the product (88% correctly answering the product trivia activity), but quite a few continued on to and purchased the product(s).

97% of Dabblrs favored the informative video.

After engaging with the video, 88% say that all features of DishFish product are resistant to bacteria, odors, and mildew.

91% of consumers would likely or are considering purchasing in the future.

DishFish saw over a 200% increase in average units sold on Amazon compared to the previous 5 months activity.

DishFish also saw a trailing 28% unit sales increase in the 3 weeks post Dabbl campaign (compared to pre period).

“The Dabbl team provided cutting edge customer engagement strategies that actually work! It’s refreshing to actually be able to measure the success of your spending. The Dabbl team also provided the highest level of professionalism, passion and intelligence to ensure our engagement strategies were effective- they are a real asset to our bottom line.”

- Jim K., General Manager, DishFish

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