Chobani Case Study

Increased new product awareness (+43%) and favorability (+49%) while boosting trial with a 16% CTR to digital coupon
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The Challenge

Yogurt brand Chobani® launched a new product line, Greek Yogurt with Nut Butter. The products combine Chobani® Greek Yogurt with protein-rich nut butter.

Chobani® needed to generate awareness and drive trial for the new product line.

Consumers would need to remember the product when they were shopping in-store and be intrigued enough to give the new product flavors a try.

The Experience

Chobani brand experience

Unlike traditional interruption-based advertising, consumers on Dabbl choose when to engage with brands. The brand experiences are what consumers come to engage with -- they aren’t interrupting other content.

This friendlier context allows brands to spend more quality, engaged time with consumers.

With this in mind, Chobani® launched a brand experience that began with a 30 second video introducing consumers to the Greek Yogurt with Nut Butter product. The video was packed with Chobani®'s unique charm.

Next, multiple choice questions uncovered consumer preferences for product features and yogurt-eating habits.

The call to action linked directly to a digital coupon, which maxed out coupon clips -- completing the brand experience.

More Info
4 Activities per experience, including Video, Multiple Choice and Trivia activities.


Brand Experience
100% Viewability & Completion
74 sec
Avg Time Spent
per Experience
Dabbl Avg 42 sec
Click Through Rate
For Digital Coupon and to Shop Online
Purchase Intent
Measured 2 Weeks After the Brand Experience
Product Brand Awareness
Exposed vs Non-exposed
Ad Recall
Exposed vs Non-exposed
Product Brand Favorability
Exposed vs Non-exposed
Product Brand Awareness
Ad Recall
Product Brand Favorability
Exposed to Dabbl experience

Quality Time Boosts Awareness and Favorability

Consumers spent an average 74 seconds watching the full 30 second video as well as participating in consumer research and brand trivia.

The experience boosted awareness and favorability for the new product. A brand study conducted two weeks after engagement showed a +43% lift in product awareness and a +49% lift in product favorability.

More consumers were aware of -- and liked -- the new product.

And the brand experience was memorable. Ad recall saw a +44% lift between those exposed versus those not exposed to the experience, two weeks after engagement.

Increasing Trial

Consumers also wanted to try the intriguing new product. 72% signaled wanting to purchase the product which included a +16% lift over those who were not exposed to the brand experience.

And consumers chose to receive the coupon and to shop for the product. The brand experience delivered a 16.2% click-through rate to access a digital coupon, and when the coupon max was hit, the call to action switched to "Shop Online."

(Had the coupon not run out, the CTR perhaps, may have been even higher.)

Respecting Consumers Cuts Through the Marketing Noise

The non-interruptive, friendly Dabbl advertising environment allowed Chobani® to get the most out of its unique advertising creative. Consumers were happy to spend quality time learning about the new products and giving their opinions.

This combination of ingredients resulted in consumers being aware of, liking, remembering and wanting to purchase the new product.

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