Butterball® Case Study

69 seconds of video and engagements delivers a $1.65 ROAS at targeted stores
Butterball shopper marketing experience on Dabbl

The Challenge

Butterball® wanted to increase awareness and drive sales for its fresh ground turkey products at targeted stores.

The Experience

Butterball shopper marketing experience on Dabbl

Butterball® gave shoppers of their targeted stores a helpful ground turkey recipe video and other fun engagement activities on the Dabbl platform.

And if that wasn't helpful enough, the brand also gave shoppers money to be spent at the stores Butterball® was targeting - a key component of the Dabbl platform.

The brand experience started with a step-by-step, 30 second video recipe starring Butterball® fresh Ground Turkey Shakshuka.

Next, the audience participated in trivia about the benefits of the product.

Following this, the participants engaged with a puzzle based on a product image.

Finally, they were offered a call to action to ‘Get Recipes’ to view more Butterball recipes on its website.

More Info
3 Activities per experience, including Video, Trivia, Puzzle activities.


Brand Experience
100% Viewability & Completion
Fullscreen Engagements
69 sec
Avg Time Spent
per Experience
Dabbl Avg 42 sec
Liked the Video
100% completion rate
Ad Recall
Exposed vs Non-exposed
Brand Favorability
Exposed vs Non-exposed
Ad Recall
Brand Favorability
Exposed to Dabbl experience

Full Participation of The Targeted Audience

Shoppers of the brand's targeted stores participated in the brand experience when the time was right for them. No content was interrupted to reach them.

100% of those shoppers at the targeted stores that started the brand experience, completed the full experience. The video that begin the experience not only had a 100% completion rate, but 91% of those viewers liked the video.

Consumers then engaged in the benefits-focused trivia, then spent an additional 22 seconds on average solving a puzzle.

Website Traffic

Finally, at the end of the experience a 3.4% click through rate drove traffic to Butterball’s recipes website.

All of these experiences took up the audience's full screens.

Brand Equity Boosts

The result of this high level of engagement and friendly context?

Butterball® saw a +210% lift in ad recall and a +45% increase in favoring the brand of those consumers who engaged in the experience vs those who did not.

SKU-level Sales Attribution Drives Significant ROAS

Finally, Butterball® was able to view aggregated, non-PII, sku-level product sales generated from the audience they reached on Dabbl.

The brand generated a $1.65 return on ad spend specifically on the fresh ground turkey products at these targeted stores.

Happy Shoppers, Happy Brand

The brand also gave shoppers fun engagements and some helpful spending cash at their favorite store.

We love when shoppers and brands win.

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