Insight: 71% of Consumers Shop on Amazon Multiple Times a Month

If you sell on Amazon, you want to know how Amazon shoppers shop.

We did too.

So we surveyed 4,898 predominantly millennial female consumers and 2,472 Amazon Prime members on Dabbl to better understand Prime and Non-Prime Amazon shoppers and their relationships with Amazon.

What did we find out?

Let’s take a look.

How Amazon Shoppers Shop

Amazon dominates retail. 95% of 4,898 consumers surveyed shop at Amazon.

And how often do they shop at Amazon?

Most, at 47%, shop at Amazon multiple times a month.

24% say they shop at the retailer multiple times a week. An equal amount say they shop at Amazon a few times a year.

Among electronics, apparel, and food purchases, electronics is the most frequent purchase. 47% of Amazon shoppers say they purchase this category on Amazon most often. Apparel followed at 37% and food/grocery came in at 18%.

Prime Membership is a Long-term Part of Life

65% of the all consumers surveyed — 68% of Amazon shoppers — are currently Prime members.

Only 15% of Amazon shoppers have never been a Prime member. 17% have been Prime members in the past but are no longer members.

Prime membership is becoming a long-term part of life. 89% of Prime members have been members for longer than a year. 45% have been members for longer than five years.

How Prime Members Shop on Prime Day

87% of Prime members are planning on shopping on Prime Day.

67% say they are most interested in shopping for electronics on Prime Day, followed by housewares at 48% and entertainment at 21%.

68% plan to spend more than $50 on Prime Day. 32% plan to spend more than $100.

How are they planning on spending that budget? Only 15% of Prime members know exactly what they are going to buy on Prime Day. 71% plan to make their decision after browsing the available deals.

How to Drive More Customers to Your Amazon Store

For brands looking to tap into those budgets and increase their Amazon sales, it pays to build relationships with Amazon shoppers.

Paid channels such as Amazon Ads can drive traffic to your Amazon pages as people are browsing and searching on Amazon. Often, advertising on this channel is highly competitive. There can be a lot of noise in this channel. Time spent engaging with consumers is minimal.

Dabbl is a platform where an audience of mostly millennial female Amazon shoppers actively engage with brands during their downtime. Rather than brands running ads that interrupt users’ social media or other content, these Amazon shoppers use Dabbl specifically to interact with brands.

They watch videos, offer opinions, take part in branded trivia and puzzles and more.

One new brand saw a 200% increase in Amazon sales after running just one Dabbl experience.

The brand also saw a 28% increase for three weeks after the Dabbl experience had ended.

You can quickly launch a brand experience to drive traffic to your Amazon store.

Best of luck!
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