Drive Amazon Shoppers to Your Amazon Store

Cut through the marketing clutter. Spend quality time with shoppers engaging with brands like yours on Dabbl in their downtime.

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Drive traffic to your Amazon store

Consumers Appreciate Brands That Appreciate Them

Consumers come to Dabbl in their downtime to interact with brands that respect and value their time and opinions. The Amazon gift card is the number one reward earned by Dabblrs.

Dabbl rewarded experiences
Drive consumers to your ecommerce site.

Drive Qualified Traffic

When your marketing doesn't interrupt the consumer's content and you have a conversation via multiple engagements before the click, you drive higher quantity and quality traffic.

Time to Tell Your Story

Consumers come to Dabbl to interact with brands, giving them 61 seconds per brand on average - far greater than the 1, 2 or even 10 seconds of traditional digital ads.

Spend more time with consumers
Advertise to millennial women

Reach Millennial Consumers

Spend more time with millennial women and moms who are more willing to pay for quality brands that respect their time and value their attention.

An Avg 75 Seconds with New Brand Drives 200% Increase in Amazon Sales

Dishfish experience on Dabbl resulted in a 200% boost to unit sales on Amazon
75 sec

Avg Time Spent

Beyond the 1, 2, 3 or 10 sec ad "views" elsewhere.


Avg Units Sold on Amazon Increase

Average units sold increase vs previous 5 months


Trailing Units Sales Increase

3 wks after campaign compared to pre-period

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