Shopper marketers, reach and engage shoppers like never before.

Boost shopper engagement that drives in-store and online sales. Measure performance with unique Return on Ad Spend* and other purchase analysis.

Dabbl's ShopRite McCormick experience
Increase sales at ShopRite in-store and online

Drive In-store & Online Sales

Improve ShopRite in-store and ShopRite From Home ecommerce sales

Detailed reporting

Detailed Reporting

Get detailed reporting, including sku-level, in-store and online purchase data

Brand impact on Dabbl

Be Top of Mind, More Favored

Brands average +106% ad recall, +22% favorability & +15% purchase intent

“Dabbl tracks in-store sales from shoppers who interacted with our experience. This is basically the holy grail for digital marketing. Few other partners can provide such direct ROAS.”

Mosaic North America
Dan, Mosaic North America

Engage ShopRite shoppers on their terms, get better performance

Dabbl ads do not interrupt. Spend more time with ShopRite shoppers, have greater brand impact and get better results. Being respectful wins.

Bumble Bee experience on Dabbl resulted in a 4:1 ROAS
4:1 ROAS

Return on Ad Spend

SKU-level purchase data at targeted retailer


Ad Recall

Exposed vs Non-Exposed

55 sec

Avg Time Spent per Experience

Beyond the 1, 2, 3 or 10 sec ad "views" elsewhere.

You're in good company

"Dabbl gives us a forum to share educational messaging with our consumers in a fun and engaging way."


ShopRite shoppers learn, have fun and act

Mix activities like video, multiple choice, trivia and calls to action, including digital coupons that add to shoppers' ShopRite loyalty card with one click. We help you source marketing material from existing assets and get you launched quickly.

Dabbl experience conclusion
Dabbl experience This or that activity
This or that
Dabbl experience trivia activity
Dabbl experience mobile video activity
Mobile video
Dabbl puzzle activity
Dabbl experience call to action activity
Call to action

Everything becomes simpler when ShopRite shoppers are waiting to hear from you

Our promotion with Dabbl was so easy to activate, helping us to extend our brand campaign with an immersive shopper experience for a key retail partner.

Amanda Baiada, Director of Integrated Marketing, Bumble Bee Foods

Boost your CitrusAd performance

Dabbl partner CitrusAd retail media ad network

Our partner CitrusAd and Dabbl work incredibly well together. Add much deeper engagement and in-store sales measurement when you add Dabbl to your CitrusAd campaigns.