Reach Female Millennial Consumers for $1

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Reach Female Millennial Consumers Directly

Skip the media interruptions and go straight to the source. Earn valuable attention by sharing your marketing budget with your future customers. #WinWin


Consumer Opt-in

They want to hear from you


Real People

Verified people, not bots


Media Interruptions

Full, undivided attention

Spend Higher Quality Time with Them

Combine different activities -- mobile video, consumer insights, trivia, visual puzzles -- to create fun, active brand experiences. Easy to launch. Pay only for experiences your audience completes.

Dabbl experience conclusion
Dabbl experience This or that activity
This or that
Dabbl experience trivia activity
Dabbl experience mobile video activity
Mobile video
Dabbl puzzle activity
Dabbl experience call to action activity
Call to action

Great Attention, Great Results

Earn quality attention and trust which traditional interruption ads can't deliver. This is what happens when your audience is respected from the start.

Neutrogena case study brand and research experience
45 sec

Avg time spent

Beyond the 1, 2, 3 or 10 sec ad "views" elsewhere.


Experience completions

Your marketing & research is the star, not an interruption.


Mobile ad recall

Make an impact. Be memorable.

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"The Ad Manager is very user friendly and easy to navigate."