Consumer-friendly consumer research.

Better engagement for better insights about female consumers. Uncover answers about your market, consumers, product and brand.

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Engaging Market Research. 100% Response Rate.

Use video, images, multiple choice, trivia and other tools that are fun for consumers to complete -- and easy for you to launch. Pay only for experiences your audience completes.

Dabbl experience multiple choice engagement
Multiple Choice
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This or That
Dabbl experience trivia consumer insight engagement
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Gain Consumer Insights in Minutes Not Weeks

Learn the latest attitudes and behaviors in the market about female consumers. Discover benefits for your product that resonate most. Reveal marketing that works best for your brand. Quickly.

Customer insights
Customer insights

Consumer Behavior

Attitudes & Preferences

Market Trends

Product Development

Ad Testing

Brand Tracking

From Research to Marketing

Like what you discover from your research? Build on the data and relationships you developed in your research. Reach even more consumers by launching marketing experiences.

Nurture relationships with a series of experiences

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