Global Juice Brand

Over 200,000 Brand Experience Completions Averaging 50 Seconds per Experience
Dabbl brand experience for a global juice brand


A global juice brand needed to increase awareness and consideration during an important post-holiday period leading to the new year when consumers are focused on healthy new starts. And they needed to do it at scale.


5 Activies per experience, including Video, Multiple Choice, This or That activities.
Duration: 3 Weeks

The Dabbl platform was used to help educate and remind consumers of the nutritional benefits of their juice. The multi-activity brand experience also provided consumers with healthy usage occasions and recipe ideas.


Brand Experience
100% Viewability & Completion
50 sec
Avg Time Spent
per Experience
Dabbl Avg 35 sec
4.52 of 5
Dabbl Avg 4.4
Purchase Intent
Consumers Completing the Experience Expressing Intent to Purchase

210,904 brand experiences were completed with an average 50 seconds spent with each. The significant time allowed consumers to consider plenty of healthy occasions and uses for the juice.

Additionally, consumers gave feedback on their preferences:

  • 65% of Dabblrs indicate they prefer either starting their day with ‘breakfast on the go’ or ‘catching up on social’ while sipping on a smoothie
  • 51% of consumers confirmed they love using pineapple juice in their smoothies. 30% have never tried it, but said they want to try it
  • 94% of respondents liked the smoothie which communicated a usage idea to consumers

In regards to category usage, 81% of consumers either love using pineapple juice in their smoothies or would like to try it in the near future. When asked about the favored aspect or nutritional benefit of incorporating pineapple juice into consumers’ daily diet, 56% of respondents indicated “100% juice” followed by 23% selecting “no sugar added”. Consumers were asked about why they love it - taste was the popular response, with 64% of consumers selecting this answer.

Dabblrs who engaged with this experience responded with significant favorability of the health benefits and usage ideas communicated for this product leading to a high overall purchase intent of 86%.