Top 3 Things Marketers Can Do Now To Save The World (and Themselves)


People like to discover new products and services. People like to be reminded of good times they’ve had and discover new uses for their old favorites. Meanwhile, brands like to create products that add value or enjoyment to people’s lives. People and brands have a lot of common ground from which to build a bright future for marketing.

Here are the top three things marketers can do, right now, to save the world.

Be human.
This means trust yourself, your own humanity, your own experience not only as a consumer of products and but as a human who lives everyday in relationship with other people. As marketers, what we we doing if not creating relationships? If you don’t like being interrupted, neither does your consumer. If you don’t like being spied on, neither does your consumer. If it doesn’t make sense to you, there is probably an important piece of information missing. Likewise, if you do appreciate people who respect your time by making sure it’s enjoyable and useful for you.

Value the journey, not just the destination.
Your best personal relationships evolved over time, through shared and mutually enjoyable experiences.These are your best personal relationships because of this evolution, which takes time. It’s a process that cannot be accelerated. Your best friend isn’t your best friend because you bought data about him which allowed you to make sure every interaction was relevant, timely and successful at getting him to do what you wanted right away at that moment. The world’s most valuable brands were all built the same way – over time, utilizing a multitude of various experiences – including ads or other types of shared experiences. Artificial intelligence, big data, and targeting in the service of an immediate return on investment or cost per action goal leave out the single most important element of how brand equity is created – time. Try not to be afraid of it, try to enjoy it.

Stay curious.
The biggest issues we’re facing today are the result of not questioning enough, which is a symptom of not being curious and not asking and investing in the positive “what ifs”. Remember, when there is uncertainty there is opportunity. The outcome, at the end of the day, has just as much potential to exceed your dreams as it does to manifest your worst nightmare. In times of uncertainty, it is the curious that are most likely to thrive.

Changing an industry begins the same way any other big change begins, with you. If you are willing to trust your own human instinct and experience, value the journey and have a little bit of faith it that if you do it will yield the result you desire and react to new information and events with curiosity – you’ll find yourself having fun, attracting people who want more of what you’ve got and building the next decades most valuable brands.

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