Earn quality brand engagements & consumer insights by supporting lifestyles beyond media habits.

Get quality mobile video engagement. Uncover consumer insights. Help people do what they enjoy most. The first-ever mobile attention marketplace trusted by both brands and consumers.

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How it works.

People come to Dabbl (iOS and Android) to engage with your brand. Why? Because your brand helps them. Share your budget with those whose attention you value. Combine different engagements -- mobile video, consumer insights, trivia, visual puzzles -- to create fun brand experiences. Pay only for completed experiences.

Dabbl experience this or that consumer insight engagement
This or that
Dabbl experience multiple choice consumer insight engagement
Dabbl experience video engagement
Mobile video
Dabbl experience conclusion
Be helpful
Dabbl video and consumer insight engagement experience

Get mobile video engagement. Pay only for 100% completion.

Quickly launch brand experiences with video and other engagements that receive an average 35 seconds of 100% viewable, 100% completed, brand safe attention.

Customer insights

Gain consumer insights.

Gain consumer insights that help you understand how real people feel. Test product attributes and marketing messages. Combine it with your messaging at scale to create anonymized audience profiles.

Nurture relationships with a series of experiences

Nurture relationships.

Build trust over a series of experiences. Learn more about consumers over time. Deliver messaging that builds upon previous experiences.

“Dabbl is quirky and doesn’t feel like an intrusion. More like a friend sharing something cool with you.” - Dabbl user

Learn more about the Dabbl audience

Being helpful works.

Cut through the clutter by helping people do what they really enjoy. Your ad budget goes toward supporting people's lifestyles beyond their media habits. #WinWin

What the Dabbl Audience Enjoys Most
What Dabblrs enjoy
 Your brand's ad budget goes toward helping your audience do these things

Consumer Opt-in

A respectful environment

The best relationships develop when both sides want to engage.


Viewability, Completion & Brand Safety

Your story is the star

People engage with your brand fully and without distraction.


Avg Time Spent per Campaign

Time to tell your story

Have the time for meaningful engagements & insights.

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"Dabbl gives us a forum to share educational messaging with our consumers in a fun and engaging way."


"The Ad Manager is very user friendly and easy to navigate."


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